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7th May 2017 by naffy

YouTubers We all do it, get sucked in to the vortex of YouTube videos. My particular vices are Daily Vlogs and Beauty Videos which is not the best on wallet to say the least. To go with this weeks video I thought I would share with you the Youtubers who made me it buy it not just once but on several occasion.

Fleur De Force 

I have been a huge advocate of Fleur’s videos for as long as I can remember. Not only does she seem like one of the most lovely but real and genuine people on the platform, she honestly does her research and I know I can 100% rely on everything she says. I pay particular attention to her eye shadow and mascara recommendations as we both look for the same thing in terms of quality and things like that.

Fleur is also money savvy. So if she is spending money on something even if it is £3.99 I know a lot of thought goes behind it. I like to live behind a similar ethos too which makes me happy.

Glam Like Guru

Like Fleur, Tati from Glam life Guru is about as real as you can get. Honest, funny, and has a genuine love for beauty, I cannot help but get a little bit excited when I see a upload from Tati (She uploads 5 days a week by the way) She has a healthy mix of budget and high end beauty which I love. There is not a product Tati has not tried which is why I know I am always privy to make a sneaky purchase following her recommendations.

Kathleen Lights 

When it comes to liquid lipsticks, the one person in the world of YouTube I know  I can trust has to be Kathleen Lights. Not only is she entertaining to watch but if she says a liquid lipstick is worth looking in too, you know I will be all over it.


I mean this needs to comment really does it but I honestly love Zoe’s Style and make up and I have lost the countless times I have seem something she has worn and checked the description box for the link.

As funny as it may sound I treat everything these girls say in the same way I would if they were friends. In fact, I will not lie, it would be awesome to have them all as friends as I feel I would get on with all of them.

If you want to see some of the products YouTube has made me buy make sure you check out this weeks video. When I went to film this video, I realised there were more products I could have included in the video so if you like it and want a part two let me know.

How many times do you end up saying it was  YouTubers who made me buy it after making a sneaky purchase? let me know!

  • Ursula
    16th May 2017 / Reply

    There are so many bloggers on YouTube and sometimes I admitt to buying something cause they suggested or its all the rave!