Your NHS needs you!

3rd January 2012 by naffy

So the end of 2011 is seeing the NHS being changed more and more radically by the coalition. It is slowly becoming more and more linked with private companies.

Personally, all my experiences (which is a lot) with the NHS has been good. Yes, there have been one of two annoying nurses which people complain about but other than that nothing enough to give up something which is part of England. Something, which i am proud off and like about our country. The cuts are just an excuse for the coalition government to sink their teeth in to the NHS. How do i know this you might ask? Well i know this because the NHS ran through the winter of discontent and some hard economic times in history so why should it should have be changed now that we are in another recession?. We shouldn’t it’s as simple as that. The NHS may not be perfect yes but making it more privatized will not actually help it, it will do the exact opposite. The NHS helps millions of people who cannot afford private health care and that is something that should be forgotten.

want to do something about this? so does Andy Burnham, the shadow health secretary. Help him by signing this e-petition, Every little thing helps :).

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