Young people in Politics

17th May 2012 by naffy

I just saw an article talking about young people and politics and it got me thinking. Should something such as age prevent people from reaching goals and aiming high in Politics? my view, no it shouldn’t and here is why. My personal interest in Politics developed through talking to my friends and having debates with them. It wan’t an supposed ‘adult’ who did this, although my interest came from a PSHCE lesson i had, it wasn’t till 2 years later that it progressed in a full on hobby through talks with people my age.

You could argue, young people should focus on their education and they don’t really know what they are talking about e.c.t. The thing is though, i have started seeing a change, more and more young people are becoming interested in Politics and wanting to make a difference. Why stop them?! why not instead make it more accesible and welcoming to the young people a oppose to them feeling out of place.

I have the pleasure of knowing a lot of people who are interested in Politics. I have a best friend who is a Councillor in the city he attends university and other friends who are Councillors across the country. Would i hesitate in backing them and telling everything they have the ability and experience to do the job well? no i would not, not because they are my friend (although i probably would be bias) but because i know they have the capabilities, determination and the experience needed to do the job well and that is the main thing isn’t it?! the fact the person in the person can do the job they are asked to do and do it well. If that is the case, then why should it matter if the person in question is 19 or 40?

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    I agree! Young people should be encouraged to participate more in politics because at some point they will be the leaders and they need to be aware of what's going on. Experience does count for something, but I tend to support people who have a solid point of view and are passionate about serving their constituents, regardless of their age.

    I love your blog!!!

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    Glad you agree and yep me too! and aww I am glad you like my blog :)