Yoo Moo Frozen Yogurt

9th September 2012 by naffy
Like Ice Cream? want to try something new? then you have to try this. Yoo Moo strawbswirlmoo frozen yogurt. I first herd of this from reading a few blogs talking about it. So when I went shopping on Friday and saw the small pot size I immediately put it in the trolley. At £1.79 (If I remember correctly) It is definitely worth it. It is a mix of natural yogurt and strawberry frozen yogurt with strawberry sauce. 
I only had it a few hours ago and already I want to go shopping again and buy some more!
I did some research on their website and found out they have many counters in shopping malls across the country however none are in the north :( but if you live in London or travel their regularly or any of the places they have counters (all the info as to where they are are on their website) I would urge you all go to when you are hungry. They have special toppings. 
For those of us who do not live near these counters, they sell a few flavors in supermarkets. All the big ones such as Waitrose, Sainsbury’s, Asda and Tesco stock the above and their other flavors include ‘Angelmoo’ ‘Chocomoo’ ‘Devilmoo’ ‘Tropicalmoo’ and ‘Nakedmoo’ You can get the strawberry one in a 750ml tub too :) 
I am definately going to be looking in to trying to find the chocomoo and tropicalmoo. They were out of tock of those flavors when I was at the supermarket. 
At only 150 calories and only 3% sat fat for a treat that is just as yummy as ice cream (which I love) this is a delicious healthy alternative.
Have you tried it? what do you think? 
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    wow i really like your blog. couldn't stop reading :)
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      of course, I will take a look now :) thank you for liking my blog! xo