X – Factor live shows!

7th October 2012 by naffy

So this weekend has seen the start of the x-factor live shows and I have to say I was impressed. I always watch the show and I enjoy it as I really like music. There seemed to be a bit more talent this year. With the obvious entertainment acts there are some really talents in there.

I really enjoyed the show yesterday, there was the arguments with the judges to the acts. I was particularly impressed with the groups simply because considering this is the first time I can remember that there are groups made by the judges and they were really good.

There were a few performances which stood out for me compared to the others and gave me goosebumps.

Ella Henderson – Rule the World

This is such a beautiful song. The lyrics are so emotional. I love the Take That original of the song but Ella took the song to a whole level. She put all of her emotion and soul in to the song and it showed. her voice is so controlled and beautiful I can’t believe how young she is! This song definitely secured her in being one to watch throughout the competition. This song is so hard to sing yet she did it beautifully and made it look so effortless. 
Jahmene Douglas – Imagine
This song was on vocal point! He made it look easy even though he was battling his nerves and sang beautifully! It is a really well known song but you kind of forget that when you are listening to him sing and he really did make it his own. 
Who were you favourites? and who do you want to leave in tonight’s result show?
  • 7th October 2012 / Reply

    I used to watch X Factor but it sickens me now, I am tired of it – tired of all the sob stories. I just think 'oh god, get a grip, the whole of human history have had difficult lives, you've had it easy compared to most.' haha, I did watch one of the auditions though where that girl sang beer fear – I hope she's still in the competition, is she? :)


  • 11th October 2012 / Reply

    she is 😀 although I feel she would do better in the industry away from the competition. :) xxoxo