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Why you need to be your own cheerleader | Life

4th June 2018 by naffy

School of greatness Online Courses School of greatness Something I realised recently is that I need to shout out more about the work I do. Not just the blogposts I write about, or the videos I post but in all aspects of my professional life. Emma Gannon often talks about the need to be your own cheerleader and I have to say I agree.

I have always had a problem with sharing my life with others especially in a face to face conversation (I know strange for a blogger but that is why my little introvert heart loves the internet) fun story – my father actually sat in my college interview with me and usually he would just be quite but during the interview he piped up quickly to mention to the head of sixth form that I did Karate for nine years, which shows dedication, loyalty and the ability to work hard, something the college needed to know. There are other instances where I didn’t do myself justice and inevitably undersold myself.

The fact is, we all have achievements we are proud off. We are all doing things we are proud off and that shouldn’t be something to be shy or typically British about – we should be the opposite. I see it in my loved ones who are extremely talented but they do not shout about it – I shout about them or their parents will. But what happens when you are not there to cheer them on? I mean I am 27 – I cannot rely on my dad to be around rooting for me.

At events, I will play down the blog and even my full-time job (something I am proud of) Not  because I am not proud of them but because there is something unfamiliar and slightly boastful about telling someone how successful your week at work was or how I started a newsletter. The truth of the matter is, no one will watch the video if I do not shout about it nor will they be interested in the newsletter if I don’t tell people about it. My parents and friends often ask me about work which I tend to shrug off but how will they know I managed to have achieved my target for the week or even did something special if I don’t tell them?

I know I am not the only one and I have to say, enough is enough. I cannot rely on others to shout about my work or achievements. I have to do it myself. We have to talk ourselves up, the same way in which we talk up our best friends. We have to be one who is proud of ourselves and sharing it with the world.

Who else is with me? you? good! shout out something you are proud of today and let me now how you do!

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