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7th March 2018 by naffy

How to budget It is no secret beauty products are expensive. Even the products littering the isles of Boots and Superdrug are items, which for many of us are a luxury – myself included. Here is how you can cope when you are broke af but have a beauty obsession.

Shopping your stash

If you have a modest make up collection, it can be quite easy to get in a make up rut. Have a rummage though, maybe have a little swatching session, pick up some new products to include in your everyday make up routine. It will lift your spirits and genuinely give yo the same feeling buying new make up can give you.

One in one out policy 

If you need to save money but like trying new products using the one in, one out policy is a good thing to do. The rule is you are not allowed a new product until you finished the previous one. For example if there is a concealer you want to try, make sure you have used up the concealer you are currently using. This way you still get to try new stuff but it is more manageable and within budget.

Cut up your products 

You remember me talking about the Clarins Hydraquench bottle last month? I was coming to the end and having fallen back in love with it wanted to hold on to it for as long as I could. I cut it open and there was enough product in there to last me another week! I cannot tell you how happy I was about this.

I know how easy it can be to get caught up in wanting nay, needing a large beauty and make up collection but the truth is, while there is nothing wrong with a large make up collection, not owning that matte lipstick is not the end of the world.


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