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What’s on Netflix this month | February

1st February 2019 by naffy

Netflix Christmas Films There has been a lot of goodness on Netflix recently so I thought I would share some of the things I’ve been watching on the streaming platform this month.

Sex Education

Now hear me out. I wasn’t going to watch it, I didn’t think it would be my thing, but there was something about it, that one minute I pressed play and the next, I was a couple of hours deep into the show. It is really well written and the actors in it are amazing. It has the same feel as skins but it is very different in its storyline.

Fyre Festival

I was at the Keeping It Candid live podcast both Millie and Sophie discussed the documentary and it really intrigued me. I started watching it in the background while I was doing other things but I quickly realised it was something I wanted to watch sitting down with a cup of tea, which is exactly what I will be doing this evening after work.

Grace and Frankie

I started watching this during the Christmas break and my god, I am so glad I did. It is definitely, the light-hearted, but enriching television programme I need in my life. It is a sitcom following two elderly ladies Grace and Frankie, who find out their husbands are gay and in love, with each other. The show follows how they try and come to terms with their new lives and relationships including the friendship with themselves. It is cute, funny and will make you cry and laugh in equal measure. Season Five has just touched down so I will be binging on this big time while doing chores over the weekend.


Part of me wants to watch this while the other part of me doesn’t. I have heard very mixed views about this show but ultimately, I think I am very interested in the plot and the writing behind it which is why it is on my list to watch this month. In case you missed the craze, You stars Penn Badgley from Gossip Girl and Shay Mitchell from Pretty Little Liars. Penn’s character meets a girl who he falls head over heels for and ends up essentially stalking her via social media which is why I think it spooked a lot of people out. Too close to real life?

The Other Women

This is an old film starring Leslie Mann, Kate Upton and Cameron Diaz. Leslie Mann finds out her husband cheated on her with two women and together they cook up a way to get back at him while dealing with their heartbreak. It is full comedic energy and delves into the complexities and the importance of female friendship. Rom Coms are backing a comeback and this is one to add to your watch list.

What are you currently watching on Netflix? let me know what to add to my watch list.


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