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What’s on Netflix this January | TV

12th January 2018 by naffy

Whats on Netflix Netflix Personally, I love nothing more than to curl up in the evenings with a warm drink and some Netflix in the winter, especially in January. In fact, it is my birthday at the end of the month and chances are I will making plans in such a way I will be able to do exactly this in the evening. With that in mind I thought I would share some of the shows I am excited to delve into this month.

How To Get Away With Murder Season Three! 

I’ve spoken about this show in a round up before and for good reason. The characters are beautifully portrayed, the story is gripping, it is dark but in the best way possible. After waiting for what feels like months, season three has finally landed on Netflix and I cannot wait to see the troubles Annalease and the gang get into this semester.


I love a good documentary and this one focuses on the food industry – busting myths about the food industry. I do want to be more ethical in regards to my food choices so I an interested to see what the document unravels.  I will say if you do watch this, I do want to say to not take every single word to be gospel. If you find it interesting – please do your own research and come to your own conclusions.

The Good Place 

Because we all need a little bit of a laugh and what better way to do this than with Kirsten Bell and Jamila Jamil honestly two of my favourite women. The show follows Eleanor Shellstrop who, after her death accidentally found herself in heaven. Each episode is under 30 minutes so it is one you can watch over a quick lunch break or during the week in the evenings.


My sister and I planned to watch this together when it was released in cinema but never got around to it. I will be back home for a couple of nights this month and I think I may force her to watch this with me. Tina Fey and Amy Pholer play two sisters who could not be more opposite. They take a trip to yesteryear as they pack up their up.

Black Mirror 

I am actually afraid to watch this but I think my intrigue has gotten the most of the me and I will be giving Black mirror a go. I love how all the episodes are all individual as it means you can pick them up as and when you have the time. Written by the wonderful Charlie Brooker, It is quite dark and written to make you think about society and the state of the world.

Also, as a bit of a bonus, the entire 10 seasons of Friends is on Netflix. Yes, I do own the boxset, but there is something different about having it there handy on Netflix.

Are any of these on the list? what will you be watching on Netflix this month?


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