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7th July 2017 by naffy

Netflix recommendations IMG_5805 You all know I am partial to a good Netflix binge from time to time. I spent the most of June binge watching Riverdale and of course catching up on Pretty Little Liars, which is why I thought I would share some of the shows I am excited to watch on Netflix in July.

What The Health

I have heard a lot about this documentary from fellow bloggers and friends. It aims to get rid of some of the food myths and how what we place in our bodies has a direct correlation to our health. I have actually started this and have to say it is very interesting and makes me question everything I have read about food and nutrition.

To the Bone

You all know my past troubles with food so I was intrigued to hear about this new film starring Lily Collins. It centres around a girl and her family as she tries to recover from Anorexia. I watched the trailer and it truly resonated with me I was in slight tears. I have read this can be triggering so please do bare that in mind. I do think it is a story which needs to be shared. Eating disorders are very complex so I hope this goes a good way in allowing people to understand them a little bit more. It comes to Netflix next week, so I will let you know my final thoughts

Pretty Little Liars – FINAL EPISODE

I mean I watched this on the day it was streaming on Netflix but if you have not yet seen the final ever episode of Pretty Little Liars, you need to do pronto! I know some people were not impressed but I liked it and Troian Bellisario’s acting in it is incredible. That girl is going to have an incredible acting career.

The Circle

Any film with Emma Watson in has my attention. Not just because she is a phenomenal actress. The circle centres around the business organisation which appear to be a front for a cult. It is really interesting and cannot wait to watch it.


This is definitely more of a British show but Spooks use to be my go to show a few years ago. My dad and I could not get enough of the James Bond MI5 Esque show. A few years after the years the show ended Harry Pearce came to the big screen! I haven’t actually seen the film yet so you can imagine what I will be doing this weekend!

I have to say I am really loving making more use out of my Netflix subscription and cannot wait to dig into some of these shows.

What is in your Netflix watch list this July? let me know in the comments!



  • April Kitchens
    7th July 2017 / Reply

    What the Health is amazing, makes me glad I’m already vegan. I need to watch season 8 of PLL, I binged on seasons 1-7.

  • Anna
    12th July 2017 / Reply

    Great suggestions! I would be interested in seeing What the Health. I just caught up on the Pretty Little Liars episode and thought the final episode was pretty good. I did not expect that ending.