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9th January 2013 by naffy
Hi lovelies, I have been wanting to do one of these posts for the longest time. I love reading them as I find it interesting (In other words I am a tad bit nosey aha) as I am sure most of you do too so I thought I would write my own. 
This is on a day when I am just going in to town or shopping. If I was going to work or Uni or something I may have more books and maybe a snack too. 
First off, details of the bag. It is from River Island and I think i got it about two or three years ago’s when i got bored of the bag I was using for uni. (I am a bit of a bag lover) It wasn’t that expensive about £30 from what I can remember and I still use it today. It’s still one of my favourite bags. The quality is great and I love the detail on it too. It is a great middle size kind of bag that you can fit a lot in. 
I’ll go in order starting from the left. If you follow me on Instagram (@Naffy91) you may have already seen this. It is this notepad from Ryman’s and I use it for blogging. It’s where I plan all my posts, questions, lists anything linked to this blog is in this notepad. I carry it around so I can be productive on the go. I use it on the train or if I have a spare minute before my class starts I’ll go in to a coffee shop and plan. If you don’t keep one I would definitely advise it as it is great when you have sudden burst of inspiration but you aren’t at your laptop you can just write it down. It saves you from having to remember it. 
The second Item that I keep in my bag would be my pencil case. it’s actually suppose to be a make up bag and is from Primark. I prefer using it as a pencil case. This in all honestly stays in my bag simply because I love using different colours when planning and also it is easier to just grab my pencil case from the bag I used on the day I had my course. I always have some form of a pen in my bag. 
Then you will see my diary, this was for last year (Still need to get a 2013 one eek) I keep this around for writing when I have to remember a date or something. If you have not guessed I am a bit OCD when it comes to planning and making lists aha! This diary is similar to a filofax and is from Paperchase. They don’t sell the exact one anymore as far as I am aware but you can see similar ones here
The next one is my purse. It a red Gucci one (red is my favourite colour) and I got it as a graduation present from one of my aunties. I am so grateful for it. Of course I use it to keep my money and cards together. I also put my railcard in it so that I don’t loose it and have to buy another one. It also has a picture of me with my mum,  my dad, my sister and my best friend in it too :)
I always need some form of reading material on me for train journeys or just for when i get time to sit down and read. I love reading and get addicted to books quite easily. When my bag has a lot in like It did around this time I usually carry a magazine with me. I am a huge magazine addict. At the time I took the picture I was reading company magazine which is one of my favourite fashion magazines.
As it is winter, my hands get really dry (a post on how to prevent this is coming up) so to keep the dryness to a minimum I wear some gloves. These use to belong to my mum so I have no idea where they are from but they are nice and soft and they do the job. What more could I ask for?
and finally, there is my make up bag. I have to admit I do not carry a lot of make up around with me. it’s mainly just lip products but I’ve planned to do an in-depth post about the contents later. The make up bag is blue with gold studs on it (which I don’t think come up on the picture) and it is from Primark. I really like it. It’s spacious enough for me and does not take up too much room as it is not made from  stiff material so it makes it easier to put in your bag.
Phew! I didn’t realise how much I actually had to say about what I carry around with me aha but that is the basic essentials in my bag. There are usually others but these items are generally a must have. 
What do you keep in your handbag? if you have done a similar post send me a link and I will take a look.
Lots of love 
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