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3rd January 2017 by naffy

Kikki K Journals Dream Big Journal Self Care 2017 Gratitude Journal If you caught my New Years Resolution Post you will know something I want to focus on is wellbeing and Self Care in 2017. I also love a good planner and journal so when I found these wellbeing journals with Kikki K, I knew I was on to something special.

Kikki K is a stationary brand with a focus on mental health and wellbeing. They are about making your life easier and more mindful. As part of this, they have developed the most beautifully designed Journals surrounding self care and mindfulness.

The first one which caught my eye was the Dream Big Journal. If you are someone who has dreams for 2017 and beyond either in your personal life or your professional life this helps to break the dreams in sizeable chunks. It also breaks downs in years, you can break them up in to 1 year goals, three year goals all the way up until ten year goals you may have. Now I am not someone who plans ten years in advance, however it has helped me be realistic and I discovered I had a few dreams and goals I wanted to achieve in five years. You get a full page for each dream which means you can plan or write notes on how you can achieve it.

Gratitude is something I want to be more mindful off in 2017. We tend to focus on the negative aspects of life so when I found the Gratitude Journal I thought it would be a good way to be able to do this. I started it and have to say it works.

We all have habits we would like to improve on or change or develop in a more positive way which is why I could not resist the habits journal. You basically write down habits you dislike in different aspect of your life for example technology, career and there is a section on the habits you like and want to keep and do more off. I actually found this really useful in making sure I do not do silly things like forgetting to charge my camera battery (something I am constantly guilty of doing)

There are other journals available too but these are the three which I thought would benefit me the most.

Kikki k have some beautiful stationary are an affordable price. Each of these journals are £21.00 which for the benefits you can gain from them is worth every penny. This was my first time dealing in to the work of Kikki k Stationary and I know it will not be the last.

Have you tried wellbeing with Kikki K? do you have anything from Kikki K? Let me know what I need to pick up next.

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  • LaShon Renee
    3rd January 2017 / Reply

    I have heard of the journals but they seem very useful. Gratitude is also something I need to be more mindful of so I will be working on that this year also.

  • Lauren King
    4th January 2017 / Reply

    These journals look beautiful! They would be great for Bullet Journaling as well (which I just heard about, but if you like to write things down its a cool method for organization).

    xx Lauren

  • Ursula
    6th January 2017 / Reply

    Happy New Year to you!! Love the theme and organization of these journals that you mentioned above and good luck on your New Year goals!!