Wednesday Ramblings | What is in my make up bag

4th February 2015 by naffy

For someone who loves make up I am quite low maintenance when it comes to topping up my make up.

I often get asked if I have a concealer lurking in my bag or something similar by friends who have forgotten theirs and in truth, I don’t. Simply because apart from my lipstick I have no need to carry a load of my make up around with me. I don’t actually top it up and the thought of losing it actually terrifies me.

Ramblings aside, the point of this post, is to show you what I DO carry around with me. WARNING – It is a lip product overload.

A red lipstick – Sometimes, I don’t have the time to come home from and switch up a look for a blogging event or meeting friends. Other times, I just want to mix it up a little and switch my lip colour form a nude lip to a red lip halfway through the day. With this in mind I always make sure I always have a red lip option handy. Some of my favourites are NARS Cruella, and Loreal Blake Red, I have a new lip combination which I will be doing a post on soon.

The nude lip – Recently (over the past couple of months) I have been loving pink and nude lips. I am not sure why I just like how they make you look together without looking too over done. My favourite has to be NARS Bahama, I also really enjoy the Charlotte Tilbury lipstick in Birkin brown, which is usually in here.

Purple Lips – Sometimes when I am going to see a friend after work or going somewhere I can be a bit adventurous I love to wear a purple lip. I can get away with wearing some shades of purple on a friday (we have casual fridays in the office) but the rest of the time it is not an office look so I keep it in my bag. That way I can switch it up when the mood strikes. My go to are the Sleek Matte Me in Fandango Purple and MAC’s Flat out Fabulous. Not going to lie sometimes if I feel like it, I will apply it and then simply go home. (Strange I know)

The Add on – A compact mirror is a must for me. Even if I apply my lipstick in the bathroom I still use a compact. It allows me to be precise and apply lipstick without having to fight to get to the mirror. The one I have here is a personalised one from my cousin’s hen night. I love how it has the date on it. Perfect reminder of a great night. 

And that it pretty much it! I think we can safely say we could play lipstick roulette with the contents of my make up bag?

I always like nosing around others make up bags and  would love to know hear you all hoard in your little pouch. 
Lots of love