Wednesday Ramblings | My bedtime essentials

11th February 2015 by naffy

I never thought for one moment I would one of those people who would have. A routine before bed but low and behold I have found myself doing the same few steps before bed and found I am a lot better for it.

First thing first, I apply my Blistex Daily Lip Conditioner. I have raved about this enough (more than one probably should about a lip balm) but it keeps my lips hydrated throughout the night. 
I then take care of the hands. I sleep in the attic which can get quite cold in winter. (If you sleep in a attic I know you feel me) and so I do not wake up with dry scaley looking hands (or Rumpelstiltskin fingers as I use to call them as a child) I go in with the Weleda Skin Food. I have to admit I do not love the smell of this and it can take some getting use too, saying that this cream works like a dream. It’s an all purpose cream used in extremely dry places on your skin. Think Elbows, behind your knees and your heels. It absorbs quickly and doesn’t leave your hands feeling greasy. It’s all natural too so it doesn’t contain any nasties. 
I then end off with the This Works Deep Sleep Stress Less balm. I am a bit of a stress head or I can be. The scent of this helps sooth me and leaves me with a sense of Ahhh before bed. It is suppose to give you a good nights sleep and even though this au just be wishful thinking,
I  using this a while, I  found my  quality of sleep had improved and I went to sleep a lot calmer and wake up more relaxed. 
And that is it. Pretty basic, stripped down but am essential part of my bedtime. Let me know if you have any night time rituals. Would love to hear them!

Lots of love
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    • 11th February 2015 / Reply

      Oops! Didn't mean to publish. Applying hand cream before bed is one of my rituals, at the moment it's one by Anatomicals that smells delicious!

  • 11th February 2015 / Reply

    I always moisturise my hands too before bed. I have some seriously dry hands all the time.

    Kerri @ Beauty & Things

  • 12th February 2015 / Reply

    I always do the same with handcream too, I should do the same for my feet but never do x

  • 12th February 2015 / Reply

    I love Weleda skin food! xxx Thou Shalt Not Covet

  • 12th February 2015 / Reply

    I never really do much in a night apart from taking off my make up and using a night cream! xxx

    Charli | Beauty and Lifestyle Blogger at CHARLI B

  • 12th February 2015 / Reply

    love how youve got your name on the eye mask. the stress balm sounds really interesting! ive been have bad sleep these days :/

  • 13th February 2015 / Reply

    Oh, that Blistex Daily Lip Conditioner is quite intriguing. I might give it a try because i have dry lips.

  • 13th February 2015 / Reply

    I'd like that stress balm! :)

  • 13th February 2015 / Reply

    I really should start using handcream before bed. I do however always exfoliate my lips and apply lip balm every single night! I want a eye mask with my name on it :( xx

    JustJulie | UK Beauty Blog

  • 14th February 2015 / Reply

    I never ever use handcream, which is bad I know…

  • 17th February 2015 / Reply

    I have never used handcream before bed either! Neither do I wear a mask! I usually just pass out LOL!