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1st June 2014 by naffy
June WishList

Hey my loves, another month another wish list. A few of these I actually need and will probably purchase at some point during the month and others are just some wishful thinking.

Benefit It’s Potent eye cream | Buy here
Now I have an eye cream but it has not been helping my dry under eyes as much as I would like. I still find myself having small lines so I thought it was about time I start looking for an alternative. I have herd good things about Benefit’s skincare range so I am thinking of giving this a try!

Jouer Matte Moisture Tine | Buy here
My Laura Mercier tinted moisturiser is on it’s last legs so while seeking out an alternative came across this. I remember when it first launched and how everyone talked about it. I would just repurchase the LM moisturiser but the beauty blogger inside of me is intrigued in what this has to offer.

Smashbox Hydrating primer | Buy here
My skin has been feeling dry lately (I blame office air con and not drinking enough water) so I want to go back to using a good hydrating illuminating primer) Again Smashbox are known for their primers. I still haven’t found a great drugstore primer (although the Bourjois primer is certainly up there) so I thought I would give this a go. It doesn’t have a silicone feeling which is really important to me.

Lorac Pro Palette | Buy here
Now this was a quick addition to my list as I was lucky enough to see a palette in the flesh yesterday. It was in a make up artists kit and the moment I saw it I had to touch it and give it swatch. All I have to say is wow, the shadows are so soft and buttery and dare I say better quality than the Urban Decay shadows.

NARS Red Lizard | Buy here
No I do not need another red lipstick. Lord knows I have enough however! I don’t own a NARS lipstick (my justification for this) and it is a true red that every girl should have in their lipstick collection.

What is on your wish list this month?

Lots of love
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