Wednesday Ramblings | The beginners guide to planning

10th February 2016 by naffy

Planning Believe or not planning can be a art form. It takes a certain person to be a natural planner. Others have to learn it in the same way you would have to learn a musical instrument. I recently got in to planning and wanted to break down some of the tips and tricks I am picking up along the way. Here is a beginners guide to planning.

Pick the planner to suit you
It is very easy to go along with the planner of the moment and choose something that is on trend but if it does not work for you then it will be a waste of money. Do your research, figure out exactly what you want to achieve from planning and if the planner will aid you in doing this. There are so many form of planners out there I promise there will be one for you.

Personalise Stickers
Planning stickers are something new to me and I have really been enjoying figuring out which ones to pick and which ones would help me stay more organised. I bought some standard ones from a local Etsy store but also searched for customised ones in aid of chores such as cleaning make up brushes. These ones are from the store Callie Rose. There are a lot to choose from in each store so have a good look around and see what works for you and what doesn’t.

Keep at it
If you are not use to planning it can seem like you are putting in a lot of effort without seeing much of a return. In reality, unlike most things you do not always get a instant gratification with planning. You will see the benefits but it takes more than a week to see them. Give yourself 1-2 months and then re-evaluate how effective it is for you.

Make your own rules
There are no set rules when it comes to planning. As long you are planning and it works for you thats all that matters. For example if someone advises you to plan on a Sunday but you would rather do it on Monday Morning because that works for you, go ahead and do that. If you want to use a youtube sticker to mark down when you plan to catch up on youtube videos and not when you are uploading a video, go for it. The planner is yours and is there to help YOU.

The long and short of it is that you have made the biggest leap forward and that is getting started. As with everything, once you start, the rest tends to follow.

Do you have any planning tips? send me a tweet as I would love to hear them


  • MissPond
    10th February 2016 / Reply

    I love those stickers! I bought a wonderful new planner from Paperchase recently :)

    • naffy
      10th February 2016 / Reply

      Sounds great xxx

  • Beckie
    10th February 2016 / Reply

    I’m so big on planning. I’m such a list person though, I have to have lists for everything to make me do things! x

    • naffy
      10th February 2016 / Reply

      Thank you lovely! xx

  • Megan Joy
    10th February 2016 / Reply

    I totally agree that at first it seems like you are putting in a lot of work up front and not getting much payoff. But I find using an organizer so helpful and it saves time in the long run for sure!

  • Ursula
    10th February 2016 / Reply

    I love your planning stickers…I need find them for my blogging/events in my planner!


  • Molly
    11th February 2016 / Reply

    A cute planner is key for me, it makes me want to use it more!

    Molly and Stacie