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7th December 2016 by naffy

Spitalfields Market London Markets Market stalls Brick Lane Candles It has always been a dream of mine to spend a weekend in London visiting all the wonderful markets in the city. While I did not have the entire weekend free, on my last visit to London I made a point of Visiting Spitalfields Market.

Probably one of the most well known markets in the city, Spitalfields Market is based in East London and only a few minutes walk away from Aldgate East station and slightly further away from Liverpool Street Station.

The first thing I noticed when I walked in too Spitalfields market was the mix of high end, vintage and high street fashion. There were stands selling the most beautiful vintage dresses to stands selling fun christmas jumpers.

Aside from the vintage pieces, the thing which sparked my interest was the jewellery on the market. The market were full of small jewellery stands with the most unique pieces designed by some incredible women running their businesses. I gravitated towards the more Rose Gold delicate pieces but they all had something for everyone regardless of your jewellery taste.

I will admit, the one thing I was not a fan off were the handbags. There were a lot of high street knock offs you can expect from the market but they kind of put me off.

The market also had some of the most stunning ornaments store. It is based at the end of the market and it was full of the most wonderful candles, trinkets and more. I wish I had room in my suitcase so I could pick some things up but I just didn’t have the room. I am definitely going to go back and pick some things the next time I am in the area.

I was also excited to see what the food situation would be like in market. I always love discovering new food at markets but I have to say there was not a lot going on. The market had some lovely chain stores like Leon and a few others but what caught my eye were the Vegan Food Stands. There were two in the market each doing their own version of winter vegan food. I actually grabbed lunch from one of the stands. I opted for cous cous with a mix of okra, lentils and beans curry. I was very impressed and it was incredibly delicious.

I really enjoyed my Visiting Spitalfields market there was a lot to see not only in the market but in the surrounding area. If you are a market lover, I would highly recommend a visit.

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