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Vegas Nay Lashes | Review

20th March 2017 by naffy

Vegas Nay False Lashes review Vegas Nay Eye Lashes Nafisah Atcha Lash review If you know me, you will know for someone who loves beauty, I am actually quote low matinance. False Lashes are something I have only delved in too a couple of times. I have always been intrigued in the likes of Vegas Nay Lashes and Valour Lashes. They are harder to get ahold of from places in the UK, which is why when I came across the site I knew had to give them ago.

The site has what I can only imagine to be every lash you could potentially want to create a look. From natural looking lashes to lashes that are very out there wit feather and glitters. After having a good look around I opted for the Vegas Nay Lashes in Classic Charm* and the Velour Lashes in Silk Living On The Edge*.

Vegas Nay is a dreamboat so I was excited to come across her collaboration with Eylure. Classic Charm* is pretty much what it says on the tin. They are a classic natural lash which add some length and volume to the eyes. I loved the way these looked because it looked like my lashes but better.

I did find you need to comb through them to blend them in slightly but other than that they stayed on like a dream and were as comfortable as false lashes can be.

The Velour Lashes in Silk Living on the Edge* are slightly different to the Vegas Nay lashes as they are not full lashes. You can see they start of small in the inner corners and work they way to full lashes towards the ends. This is to mimic real lashes as closely as possible. I tend to steer towards more 3/4 lashes such as the Fleur Loves Lashes which is why I picked there as I thought these would work in a similar way.

I am saving the Velour Lashes for an upcoming wedding but keep an eye out on my Instagram Page to see what they look like on.

Both of these lashes are cruelty free which is something I am always looking for in my lashes.

False Eye Lashes have a whole range of lashes which if you are an eye lashes noob like me makes it easy to see the different types of lashes there are out there and which ones work for you. I truly loved the Vegas Nay Lashes but I also have my eyes on the Red Cherry and House of Lashes Lashes.

Have you tried the Vegas Nay Lashes? which ones should I try next?


  • Ursula
    22nd March 2017 / Reply

    I have yet to do false lashes …yet but I do like the Vegas classic charm to start out in the future! Those lashes look great on you! :)


  • Patty
    23rd March 2017 / Reply

    These are gorgeous lashes! They look so pretty on you.

    xo, Patty