Vegan Chocolate

A vegan chocolate haul

13th July 2016 by naffy

Vegan Chocolate Vegan Chocolate When it comes to Chocolate I like to keep it as clean as possible. The reason? I like to eat food which provide me with some nutrients while still feeling like a treat. After some trials I came across some gems I wanted to share with you. A vegan friendly chocolate haul if you will.

Let me start off by saying I am not strictly vegan. The chocolates I am sharing with you just happen to be vegan friendly. Now on to the chocolatey goodness.

Loving Earth

I first came across Loving Earth through Marcus Butler and it was the main reason I paid a visit to Planet Organic. Loving Earth use raw ingredients such as raw cacao and coconut nectar to produce some of the best chocolate I have come across. My favourites are the Mint Dark Chocolate which also have cacao nibs in to add a little crispiness to the chocolate.

Raw Halo

You will sense a little bit of a theme in the chocolate I have included in this post. Raw Halo is an Artisan Raw Chocolate brand using Raw Cacao in their delicious treats. All their chocolate are dairy free as they use Cashew Nuts in their Mylk Chocolate for a creamy taste. I was a little bit sceptical about this at first, however I did not have to worry as it just tasted full of creamy goodness. As someone who tends to stick to Dark Chocolate this was a nice revelation. My favourite from the bunch has to be their Mylk and Pink Himalayan Salt but they have a big variety of flavours so it worth taking a look.

Pana Chocolate

When this delicious box of chocolate arrived in my Sourced Box, I gave a little squeal. I had herd a lot about this from my Vegan friends but there is not a retailer near by who sells them so I was excited to give this a go and it did not disappoint. Pana Chocolate is handmade organic clean chocolate. It is hands down the smoothest chocolate I have come across and since I have finished this box, I have purchased another three flavours Mint, Raw Cacao and Eighty and no doubt I will be making more sneaky purchases.

Yes these are slightly more expensive than your regular generic chocolate brands but for the ingredients, taste and nutrients you really cannot go wrong.

Have you tried any of these Vegan Chocolate brands before? Do you have a favourite Vegan Chocolate brand?

  • Bec
    13th July 2016 / Reply

    I’m lactose intolerant so this is a really useful post. Thank you. Love bec

  • Laura
    13th July 2016 / Reply

    I love the Raw Halo chocolate! I’m not vegan but my best friend is which is how I got to try it! Defiantly going to try some of these others!