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26th September 2014 by naffy
Winter Comforts

I love winter. there is just something really magical about this time year that I cannot put my foot on. From the clothes to the food, it is all kinds of wonderful. Anyway, I digress with winter there comes so cosy comforts that make you warm and fuzzy while you’re tackling your day. I like to call them winter comforts. 
A good candle | Buy Here
I only recently delved in to the world of candles. I usually light one in the evening when I am blogging at my desk and it just sends a nice calming effect across the room and destresses me while I catch up on blogging or YouTube. 
Hot water bottle | Buy Here
Winter mornings and evenings in the UK can get really cold, especially as I am cold 90% of the time and I found hot water bottles are the way to go. In fact I have one right now. I don’t have decent heater in my room so this is a great alternative.
Headphones | Buy Here
Well this isn’t just for winter more like an all year round essential but I find headphones can wear and tear especially in the winter with the rain and puddles everywhere so a good decent pair wouldn’t hurt. (How cute are these trend headphones? wayy expensive but beautiful) 
A good magazine
There is every little that makes me smile more than coming in from a long day to putting the heater on, making a cuppa and reading a good ole magazine. This is something I have to make more time for and will probably make it a Sunday ritual. 
Popcorn | Buy Here
I love food, in particular popcorn. They are an easy snack on the go. I do prefer to make it on my own as it is quite healthy but on lazy days the Metcalfe skinny popcorn is really tasty. My favourite flavour is the sweet and salted one, which is my favourite popcorn combination. 
A good mug | Buy Here
A good cup of tea is essential. I need one every morning and evening at the bare minimum. I usually have a cuppa when I am busy doing something and there is something nice and relaxing about having a cute mug to have a hot drink out of. 
And those are my winter comforts. I could go on and on as I absolutely love winter but these are the highlights. I hope you liked reading this and let me know what your winter comforts are. 
Lots of love
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