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16th October 2015 by naffy
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If you know me, you will know Burgundy is my go to colour all year around. My friends and family have dubbed it the Nafisah Colour.
With that said, I thought I would share a Burgundy haul with you. Most of these items I genuinely own and a couple are on my list to buy.
Incase you missed me squeling about this on Twitter, the Maybelline Creamy Matte Collection has finally made it to the UK. We don’t have the entire collection but the one I own and have been loving is Divine Wine. It is a deep red shade perfect for this time of year. The formula is Matte but with a velvet finish so it stays on your lips without drying your lips.
Ever since Anna has mentioned her cashmere sweater, I have been on the hunt for something similar. The closest I have come too is this beauty from New Look. I plan to pair this with some black skinny jeans and ankle boots for a classic but do able look.
The latest candle I have been burning is Cranberry Twist. It is a slightly fruity scent to it but with a hint of spice that prevents it from being sickly and too over powering. The Black Cherry scent is also one of my go to scents.
I actually own a similar coat to this (mine is from Primark). Burgundy is perfect for a winter coat because it adds a bit of colour and is a change from the regular black many of use turn too.
I can see these looking really laid back and chic with a nice over flowing blouse.
I could genuinely go on and on talking about my love for this shade so I shall stop now but I hope this has inspired you to add some burgundy spice in to your life.
  • 16th October 2015 / Reply

    It's the time of the year to get the coat out again! I got my super poofy one from Monsoon but it just makes me look like a snowman. You reckon the Primark one works well in the cold? I might just go and check it out!

  • 16th October 2015 / Reply

    I love that jumper – it looks so cosy. Yankee candles smell incredible too.