Top Tip Friday | Surviving a winter cold

5th December 2014 by naffy

So it has finally happened. I have my first cold of the winter. I dread getting a cold. I feel like I don’t have time for them as they bring you down and stop you from being productive. Saying that sometimes you just have to give in and let your cold do it’s thing. I thought I would share with you some things that can speed up the process and make up that much more bareable.

Embrace it
You have a cold? Admit you have a cold and deal with it. Don’t be in denial. The more you’re in denial the worse you will feel.

Medicine and Sweat
Sounds gross? yes it is not going to lie. If you have a fever the best way to get rid of it or at least minimise it is by taking some medicine about half an hour before bed and then going to bed in a sweatshirt/hoody. This lets your body work off the fever. I got this from my dad and it works every single time.

Stick to natural remedies
I had a sore throat and I bought some lozenges that aren’t the best for you. They have sugar in and other rubbish that your body can do without. The best way to get rid of a sore throat? Gargle Salt Water and drink honey and lemon in warm water. WORKS A TREAT EVERYTIME.

Now that I got the boring bits out of the way, it doesn’t have to completely suck when you have a cold. Here are something that will help it slightly better.

Read a book
I love reading and I never get to read as much as I want too. When I am full on ill, I have very little energy to do much else but sit so I take that time to catch up on reading if my brain isn’t too foggled from being ill.

Catch up on TV or YouTube
Again something I love to do but when I am well and fit can feel a bit guilty about so being ill is the perfect excuse to do this for hours.

A cup of tea
No particular reason except who doesn’t find a cup of tea a little bit comforting?

Have a shower
When you’re ill you can easily get in to this phunk which can last a good few days. There is nothing wrong with this when you’re a child but at 23 year old, I have things I would like to get on with. I have a job to go to, a blog and youtube channel to run. If you feel like you’re in that phunk then the first thing to do is grab a shower. Even if it is just to get back in a fresh pair of Pyjamas, it makes you feel better, the warm water clears up your sinuses and you feel more alert and awake.

And there you go, hope you enjoyed reading this and it gave you some tips. I know it was slightly different but after catching a cold myself I felt inspired to write this. Let me know what you think.

Lots of love