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24th October 2014 by naffy
Halloween Night In

I am going to throw it out there. I am not a big halloween party person. I love having a good time but it just so happens it isn’t my personal way to catch up with friends and have fun. I am much more of a staying in kind of girl. I know I cannot be the only one so I thought I would share some ideas on how you can spend your weekend at home halloween style. 
Yankee Candle Apple Spice 
Nothing really says Halloween like Apples and this candle will definitely bring that warm Autumn scent to the room. Yankee Candles are very long lasting and the scent lasts for a long time so you can enjoy this all night. 
Paper Cutlery 
So if you have a couple of friends over or it just a night with your mother why not change it up a little bit and get some paper plates and things to have your evening meal on. It means you don’t have to wash up so you can enjoy the evening and also adds to the theme of the evening.

Scary Movie
Now scary movies don’t actually scare me (The ones that are just blood and gore) but a good film is good on any occasion. Some of my favourites for this time of year would be Halloween, Black Swan or The Woman in Black.

Well actually you can buy these anywhere. I got a little excited when I saw how much treats and sweet things were on sale. I actually don’t have too much of a sweet tooth for sweets but there are plenty of offer and always nice to have on hand for a nice girly night.

Halloween Decorated Cake 
I saw these in stores and they make such a nice addition to a get together because 1 – they bring the feel to the evening and 2 – It is cake and most people like cake.

Wow this is a bit food heavy. I didn’t plan that I assure but my treat of choice on any occasion would be popcorn. I like making them from scratch as it is organic and clean. You can add different flavours flavours to it. For an occasion like Halloween you can add honey and dark chocolate to get a nice orange and brown effect or orange and green jelly beans either way it will be yummy and delicious.

And that my friends is how you can enjoy a halloween filled night at home with your close friends.

Lots of love
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