Top Tip Friday | Drugstore Deals

24th April 2015 by naffy
Drugstore Deals

There are plenty of deals going around in Boots and Superdrug right now, so I thought I would round up some of the things that would be worth investing in. A few of these products are ones that I have tried and you need. Others, are on my wish list and things I may be picking up soon. 
Collection Uncovered Nude Collection | Buy Here
Incase you missed it yesterday, I reviewed the palette from this range and I am in love. if you want a great budget friendly eye palette, this is honestly the one. 
Loreal Colour Riche La Palette Nude In Rose | Buy Here
I love Loreal Single eyeshadows. I have never tried their palettes before and they recently came out with two nude palettes. One with brown tones, the other has more pinky tones. Both should be a neutral shadow lovers dream, so I am excited to swatch this. 
Hand Chemistry | Buy Here
I need a new hand cream and a lot of people have mentioned the brand Hand Chemistry. It is usually on the pricey side, so I have stayed away, however, I recently spied a smaller version that costs £6:99 so I have a feeling this will be on my list. It should be on offer for £4:99 so thiat will be even better.
Real technique Lash and brow enhancer | Buy Here
My sister has stolen my latest one so I decided I needed to invest in a new one. Real Techniques is on offer at the moment so I will grabbing this when I get a chance. 
Bourjois Liner | Buy Here
If you know me, you will know I want to practise my liquid liner. It lasts longer and generally just looks a lot neater but I am completely hopeless. This is a new release from Bourjois so I may have to look in to picking this up. 
Max Factor Creme puff Blush | Buy Here
I picked this up a couple of months ago and fell in love. Max Factor is a brand that can get over looked sometimes but they just get blush. They formulate them really well. The marble effect on these blushes are reminiscence of the Hourglass Ambiant Light Blushes. They provide you with a nice hint of colour and a natural sheen on the cheeks. 
I do have to make a trip to Boots soon, so there may be a drugstore haul soon. Are you going to be heading there anytime soon?  
Lots of love
  • 14th June 2015 / Reply

    Max Factor is not a popular brand here in the Philippines but most department stores have Max Factor counters. I read one or two Filipino bloggers I follow talk about Max Factor Creme puff Blush. Must be really good. I avoid cream blushes since they seem difficult to apply. Plus I have oily skin.