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7th November 2014 by naffy

I have had my blog for a while now. It is fair to say it is pretty much my baby. I live and breathe this blog day in and day out. I also read a lot of blogs. Not a day goes by I don’t surf my bloglovin feed and read my favourite blogs so I thought I would share some of my tips if you are thinking of starting a blog or are just interested in what I have to say.

Personally, I don’t think you need to have a perfect game plan to start a blog. Part of the battle is actually getting your blog started. Figuring out your name and where to start your blog. I use Blogger but I also use WordPress when I guest blog for websites on the side and like both. It is literally up to you to way up the ups and down. Personally, I like WordPress to help getting your post to your readers but Blogger is also great and I do like using it. If you are on the less technical side may be start using blogger as design wise it is easier to work around.

Be organised
One thing I have to do is be organised. You can become so overwhelmed with posts and things to talk about. Having an action plan helps you focus. You can plan certain blog post for certain times of the year and not end up writing post to go up the night before at midnight panicking.

Talk to other bloggers. Some of my favourite people are people I have met through blogging. I am able to share my ideas and thoughts with people who completely get it. We can help each other out and support each other. Something that I love.

Be Creative
During my blogging life, I haven’t always had the income to do as I please and buy what I wanted to review. I was unemployed for a good few months. I didn’t rely on the bank of mum of dad to feed my make up habit. For those of you who feel like you would need to spend a lot of money to blog you don’t. Yes you may feel like you would like too and I totally understand that but if you are not in a position too, that doesn’t mean you should stop blogging. Be creative and think of different ways to get your opinions and views across. Read other blogs that do this for inspiration.

Love it
Don’t blog for free stuff. It doesn’t work that way. The thing that keeps you and your blog running is your passion, your love for what you are writing about. Be it the latest pair of boots you have bought or the latest news item. You need to love it and have passion for it. If you don’t it will become clear to your readers and they will slowly loose interest.

Social Media
This is something I am working on. Learn how to promote your blog and get it across all your social media. You spend time writing and creating content so make sure people see it. You are your own promoter so promote your work!

There is a lot more I could say about blogging and my blog is by no means a huge success however I do feel like I have learnt a lot while having this blog and have grown alongside it. 

Lots of love

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