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21st November 2019 by naffy

Best television shows of all time Growing up some of my closest friends came from the screen. I would watch Saved by the bell and actually feel like I knew Jessie Spaniel. I was invested in Buffy’s life as much as Willow and Giles were. These charectors, these worlds allowed me to feel accepted and safe so as it is world television day, I wanted to share my ultimate list of TV shows.

One of the first real shows to show me what it meant to be a fearless woman navigating the world on your own. The show follows three sisters who after the death of their grandmother find out they are some of the most powerful witches in the magical world. This comes with a lot of complications and we see the women try to understand their new roles while still figuring out who they are as people and as humans.

Gilmore Girls
Ah, Rory Gilmore how you resonate with me so. This is a show about a mother-daughter duo who navigate their relationship while trying to make their own individual ways in the world. It’s set in the most amazingly beautiful and bizarre town of Stars Hallow. Written by Amy Sherman Palladio the dialogue in this is smart, witty, fast and intelligent. Just like Charmed the beauty of this show is how multi faceted the main characters are which is not always seen on screen. The entire catalog is on Netflix and is a perfect watch this time of year.

One Tree Hill
This is either a love-hate kind of show and I get it but I have to say I love it. The show centers around two brothers who grow up living two very different lives until their paths cross on the basketball court.
There is everything from teenage angst, character growth, life lessons and the struggles of transitioning into adulthood in all nine seasons of the show. Now I won’t lie there are definitely some episodes you could do without towards the end but I’m watching the last season again for the second time and I am hooked.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer.
The original bad**** who didn’t love Buffy? Growing up it was a Friday night ritual for my mum to watch this followed by Angel on whatever channel it was broadcasting on.
Based on the film of the same name the shows follow teenage Buffy around as she protects the town of Sunnydale from well the underground and vampires. The show became iconic and dealt with stigmas surrounding relationships, mental health and so much more. It really did pave the way for other vampire programmes which followed soon after.

The moment I watched this I fell in love. I didn’t know what to expect and was looking for something to watch. I caught the show too late as it was showing here in the UK at random times on Five stars but I consumed it as much as can. Coming from a big noisy family this show which follows The Braverman family in their journeys really resonated with me. I loved how they really showed the multi-generational aspect that comes with a big family and the different roles people can take in the family structure. Each sibling is different and yet they all come together despite this. It tackles issues such as divorce, unemployment, drug use, and general family messes yet it is heartwarming and a joy to watch.

My dad and I literally lapped this up. Starting Milo this follows individuals who end up being intertwined in each other’s lives after receiving supernatural abilities. It isn’t your usual supernatural superhero to show quite the opposite. The writing and acting in it are phenomenal and I was really upset when we were told there were only going to be two seasons.

Stranger Things
I only got into this show this year but it made the list because oh my god how could it not?! The filmography, the acting, the set, the writing everything about it had me hooked!! If you love all things supernatural this is one to watch. It follows a group of children who try to find their missing friend who mysteriously disappeared at the same time a young girl Eleven appears.

The West Wing
This was the first boxset I ever bought in my university days and it was money well spent. There is something beautiful about the way Aaron Sorkin created the fictional world of the inner workings of The White House. This show demonstrates everything I love and hate about the world of politics. The beauty of Sorkins words is in creating characters who are people I actually want to hang out with. They are smart, fun and a little messed up which makes them human and relatable while also giving them authority and respect due to the nature of their job. I wholeheartedly fall deep into this universe every time I watch this show and I think I always will.
Greys Anatomy
Can you believe I only just watched Greys Anatomy last year-ish? I lapped up all 14 seasons of it and became a little bit obsessed. It was literally all I watched in the evenings. I fell in love with Christina Yang played by the wonderful Sandra Oh and the premise women do not need to get married and have children in order to be happy in their life. The friendship between Meredith and Christina is beautiful and very real to many female friendships not depicted on screen. Shonda Rhimes the writer of the show is known for writing complex multifaceted characters and that is what it is at the heart the show. You really see them each go on a journey and while it starts as Meredith Grey being the lead it does very much turn in to a talented ensemble. I will say I prefer the early years but it is a wonderful and special bit of television.
How to get away with murder
Speaking of complex characters and Shonda Rhimes, How to get away with murder follows lawyer Annaliese Keating played by the formidable Viola Davis and her interns as they try to cover up their sins. This is a smart thrilling mystery show which never fails to go above and beyond. The storytelling is beautiful and the acting is phenomenal. I never know what to expect when I watch this and that is exactly why I keep going back to it. I have to end up watching it when I have a couple of hours free at the least because this is not a show you can watch an episode at the time.
And there you have it a look inside my happy place and a little insight into my complex mind.
What are your top 10 TV shows?
Picture Credit – Photo by Jens Kreuter on Unsplash
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