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Tips for Shopping your Stash

9th January 2017 by naffy

Stila Kitten It is safe to say January is dry for a lot of us. Not just in the drinking sense but in the financial sense too. For me personally, I always look for ways to make things easier on the purse strings which is why I thought I would share my top tips for shopping your stash.

If you are a make up or beauty collector chances are you have a couple of drawers of the stuff, which is why I find shopping your stash every few months is the perfect thing to do to give your make up life some oomph without attacking your purse strings.

Having a Declutter

One of the things to do is to have a big declutter. Empty all the items and then put them in piles of things you want to keep and things want to give away to friends and family. You will be amazed and how many old favourites you can come across in doing this.

Play around with a few looks

If you do not have big make up selection but still feel in a rut a good thing to do is swap out your make up on a weekly basis. Set an alarm on your phone or a note somewhere you will remember to change up the eye shadow palette you are currently using or that lipstick you keep wearing. This will allow you to play around with pieces you have and experiment with a few looks. It will feel like browsing the isles of boots or your local make up stands without spending a penny.

Make a list of things you needs

If shopping around your stash you find you are missing key things focus extra pennies you do have on those. For example if you realised you need a red lip liner to go with that red lipstick, write it down and when you have a small list, do your research. Research the brands within your budget, see if they have  sale. You can then save these searches for the next payday and give yourself a nice treat without the guilt.

I shop my stash often and will be doing this more in 2017. Do you have tips for shopping your stash? if you do let me know!

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