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30th July 2018 by naffy

Life after graduation Life after graduation It safe to say graduating had a life long profound effect on me and subsequently had a knock on effect for the years which followed. The uncertainty which followed genuinely riddled me with anxiety which is more common than you think. If this is you, have no fear. these tips for life after graduation have been tried and testing my me and I can confirm they work.

Take a break

You have just had the most intense few months throughout your university life. Take a break, do a little bit of travelling, visit your friends and family. Give your brain some time to recharge so you can focus on your next steps with a clear head and positive mindset.

Learn about money

Something I wish I did earlier was learn more about money From opening accounts, learning to save and the practicalities of bills you need to be equipped to do this in the best way to suit you. My advice, speak to someone you trust and has experience in money matters. I relied heavily on my dad for a good few years to help figure things out and while he did he best, his own track record isn’t the best. He also isn’t a professional, there is only so much he was able to help me out with.

Look into getting a coach

While  was trying to get focus and find my place something which really helped was finding a coach. A friend of mind was doing a coaching course and asked me to be her guinea pig. I have to say it really helped. Having a coach gives you the push to making the life you want into a reality. There are a variety of coaches out there from those who focus on your life as a whole to focusing solely on your career and business. I know my sessions were free but if you find the right coach for you, it will one of the best investments you can make for your life.

Stay away from the comparison trap

Life after graduation tends to move incredibly fast. From social media to your own friendship group. you will find moving at different paces. I have friends who are married, with children and other friends who are in management positions living the city life. It can be incredibly easy to get caught up in other peoples life and measure your success against there. I had to have a stern talk with myself and remember to see how far I have come and how much I have to achieve and focus on that instead on whatever the girl across the road is doing.

Learning is continuous.

As you can imagine there is a lot more to life after graduation. This is just the tip of the service. If you found this useful I mention some other points in yesterdays video if you fancy finding out more about what you can expect after finishing formal education.

Life after graduation

Graduating is a wonderful achievement and you should be proud of it. Celebrate it. I won’t lie, it will not be sunshine and roses but remember the world is literally yours for the taking. Go big, take risks, your time is now.

Good luck!

  • Julia
    30th July 2018 / Reply

    Yeah definitely after graduation especially it’s so easy to compare yourself and the ‘progress’ of your life to other people’s. It’s a trap that’s so easy to fall into but one that from experience I’ve found leads no where good.

    Julia //