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Three ways to pick yourself up | Life

25th October 2017 by naffy

How to be happy Nafisah Atcha The thing I have discovered about life is that it goes in high and lows, peaks and troughs. As someone who has suffered from both anxiety and bouts of what I would say is mild depression I know how easy it is to be able to let the lows occupy the majority of space on your brain. It has taken me years to find methods to get myself out of those moments and even then I struggle with it on a regular basis. If this is you, remember it is normal to feel like this, There are also three ways to pick yourself up to make it a little bit easier.

Talking about it

Part of my problem is that I keep things bottled up. Something which has helped me recently is talking about what bothers me. Now, this doesn’t mean to share your feelings with every Tom, Dick, and Harry but speaking to your nearest and dearest when you need them will do wonders for your sanity. I recently went through a few couple of weeks and while at first, I may have spoken to the wrong people, I found it really helped to speak to my parents and others closest to me.

Taking a Step back 

Sometimes when you feel overwhelmed or stressed in order to refocus you need to take a step back. I often find not working on something, for a few hours can actually be productive for your sanity and mind.


When I feel out of sorts I can often isolate myself. I can end up not wanting to speak to anyone including family and friends. Something I am forcing myself to do more is mix with friends a little more. With my job and blogging, it can be easy to hide behind my laptop which is not cool. It can be lonely. I am not saying you need to do anything big, I found even small things like talking in the kitchen, laughing with my housemates can make the world of difference.

Picking yourself up is not always easy, in fact, it is pretty damn hard but the rewards are tenfold.

Do you have three ways to pick yourself up?

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