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Three ways to make friends in your twenties

12th October 2018 by naffy

international women day 2018 Here is a bit of a newsflash. I am not the best when it comes to making friends. I am lucky, I have a group of friends I know I can count on and have been a part of my life since I was a teenager. When I moved to London, I found meeting new people is fine for the most part but creating true relationships can be difficult. Making new friends as someone in her twenties has been hard and something I have to be more proactive about. Here are three ways to make friends in your twenties, tried and tested by me.

Going to events / Taking part in a class 

I recently downloaded the Eventbrite app and over the past couple of months I have attended 3-4 events. From brunches to ‘in conversation’ events. The good thing about attending different events or classes is that you are instantly surrounded by people who have a similar interest to you which means you can start a conversation. Sometimes I will have a wonderful conversation with someone and may never cross paths with them again but other times, I will plan to have coffee with them and we end up keeping in touch.

Go on friendship dates 

Treat your friend relationships in the same way you would treat romantic relationships. If there is someone you meet at work or at an event and you think there could be a potential to be friends, ask them for coffee or lunch. Essentially invite them for a date, it is the only way you will be able to see how compatible you are.

Download an App

Just like with dating apps, there are some apps which are specifically so you can meet friends. Bumble for example has a friends version where instead of swiping for a date, you swipe to let the person know you would like to be friends. I will admit personally, while I come across people who I spoke too and could see being friends with actually making the move and meeting in person has proven to be difficult so just make sure you make an effort to meet someone in person if you connect with them on an app!

Making friends is not easy regardless of your age, especially for an introvert like me but human connection is vital – sometimes you just need to make a bit more of an effort. trust me, it is worth it.

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