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Three ways to Be The Change | Book

2nd July 2019 by naffy

Gina Martin book review Be the change review Gina Martin book review I recently got the chance to see Gina Martin and Amika George discuss their journeys on making a change in their own ways. (Gina has famously ensured Upskirting is now illegal while Amika made the government promise period products will be made free in both primary and secondary schools within in the UK ) So after reading Be The Change in which Gina shares the lessons she learned through her journey on changing the law. I was left feeling inspired and determined to be proactive about issues which I am passionate about.  It is such a vital book for the times we are currently living in I am only touching on a couple of lessons I learned from reading the book.


It goes without saying you need to have passion for the cause you want to change. You will end up going through the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. The one thing that will keep you going is the passion you have for the issue at hand and will be your motivation, particularly the bad times. Passionate people get the conversation going and moving. As Gina says, if someone can sense you are not passionate about what you are talking about, they will stop engaging in what you have to say.


Campaigns connect people with a common interest together. Especially if it is a cause which resonates with millions of people (such as period poverty or seeing a campaign to do with cancer) so you need to have a level of empathy and emotional intelligence to deal with sharing your campaign but also hearing others share their experiences. This is something which becomes second nature as the campaign goes on but it is something to mindful from the beginning.

Clear Objectives 

As someone who loves a good list and being productive, setting clear objectives for what you want to achieve and the goals you have is a must. In the book, there is a whole bit dedicated to why this is important. It also highlights the importance of recognising that the objectives can change as your campaign develops, however they are integral to keep it moving.

Gina explains all the above and so much more in a relatable, honest way. In Be The Change, she shows us all there is no secret sauce to creating change, in fact, she is giving us her ‘secrets’ to show you, mean, the next neighbour, all have the capacity to create change.

If you have opinions on anything from potholes to saving libraries to making sure every primary school child is fed during their time at the school, this book gives you the tools you need to move forward and make those opinions heard.

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