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Three Vegan Places to eat in London | Food

17th January 2018 by naffy

Dark Sugars As we are half way through veganaury, I thought I would share you some of the vegan friendly places. just as a disclaimer I eat a 98% plant based diet so I thought I would share how easy it can be to find some wonderful vegan  places to eat – especially in London.


This is one if you are meeting up with friends who are vegetarian or not strictly vegan but would like to try it out. It is a buffet style restaurant where you can choose from a range of delicious starters, mains and desserts (I would highly recommend the sticky toffee pudding). I did a full review here but for the price and the amount of food you receive it is worth every penny.


Another one of my places which is slightly more on the healthier side is Redemption. It has one of the first places I visited in London and it didn’t disappoint. Redemption does everything from Breakfast to dinner and drinks depending on what you are after. They are also very accommodating with the menu. The other thing I like about Redemption is that the owners are always working on new meals to add to menu which I think it is great.

Yoricca moments 

This is one to go to when you want to tickle your sweet buds. Yoricca has been on my radar for a while and it really did not disappoint. It is a desert place where you can get vegan ice creams, frozen yoghurt and shakes with the most ridiculous toppings (One of my favourites were the Jammie Dodgers). Everything there is vegan which means you can go a little bit crazy and try all the things.

There are many more vegan places to try, however out of the ones I have try, these are the ones I would recommend. If you fancy a bit of a longer list, my friend Zanna has written as long list which I am making my way though.


  • Emily Jane
    20th January 2018 / Reply

    Ive heard so many good things about titbits I 100% need to visit when I’m next in london! Thanks for sharing!

    Emily xx


  • Su {Ethan & Evelyn}
    21st January 2018 / Reply

    Ohh! How interesting! I’ve left London 3 years ago, but these place I’d love to visit when I do go. I’m so pinning this! Thanks for sharing! :) x