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Three things I learnt from living away from home | life

16th March 2018 by naffy

Dealing with Anxiety Tips for overcoming anxiety Dealing with Anxiety I won’t lie, I can already hear my mum saying ‘I told you so’ even before she reads this post. As many of you may know, I have lived away from my family home for almost a year now and while I do miss my family, I also enjoy it. That doesn’t mean it has been easy, it fact there have been some lessons I’ve learn from living away from home I wanted to share with you.

Asking for help

Living at home you can get a bit complacent. If you’re lucky to have supportive parents you often don’t have to worry about asking for help as you pretty much know they will be there for you and will guide you through any problems you have. (Shout out to my parents for always having my back)

Living away from home can mean living with people you have never met before and there will be times when you may have to ask them for help. This can be as small as asking to borrow a toilet roll or leaning on them when you’ve had a bad day. (Both of which I have done) I am someone who likes to tackle everything herself so this took sometime getting use too.


I mean, this will not come as a shock but budgeting is something we all have to deal with – especially when we live on our own. For some it can be an easy transition but for most it can be a bit of learning curve. I’m good at saving money but I get extremely anxious about money. The fear everytime I make a purchase that I won’t make my rent is real.

Making an effort with friends and family

Not only did I move out of my family home but I moved miles away from my friends and family. While I do have friends in London and I am not alone, I still cherish my friendships and relationships back in my home town. I now make a conscious effort I keep up with them all. I speak to my parents everyday and my sister regularly. My friends WhatsApp group is always going if it isn’t I will send a text telling them all to have a good day. The gestures do not have to be big – even a text hello and checking in can make a huge difference.

Living away from home a wonderful challenging and hard experience all rolled in one.  The key is to embrace it and take it in your stride. If you are in the same boat and living away from home for the first time I hope of some the lessons I’ve learnt will help you too.

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