Three lessons I have learnt from Girlboss

5th May 2017 by naffy

GirlBoss Long time readers of the blog will know I am a huge fan of Sophia Amorouso and her book #Girlboss. She recently worked with the incredible Charlize Theron and Netflix to create the show Girlboss which goes through a young Sophia’s journey outlining the struggle she faced while developing her very successful business Nasty Gal.

I am all about empowering women and as someone in her twenties I was very interested to hear what Sophia had to say. As I read the book a while back and after finishing the show this weekend, I thought I would share three lessons I have learnt from Girlboss.

Your Tribe Affects Your Vibe

Young Sophia found it difficult to accept love from those around her. This meant she was very hard on herself which resulted in her failing at various jobs and prevented her from reaching her goal. It was only when she allowed her friend Annie in to her life she realised she had the belief in herself to go the extra mile and establish something special. It is true what they say positive energy brings positive energy back around to you.

Hustle Harder

Starting a business you love is exciting but it is also a lot of work. Be it carving out a career as a lawyer or setting up your own job it is not easy and takes time. You will find when you start your journey there will be long hours involved, there will be times when you come close to giving up but there will also be the highs when you make the first sale or sell our get the first great feedback from a client. In blogging for example, I currently work on it most evening which some may find a lot of time to work on a blog but the feeling I get when someone tells me they enjoyed a post. It is priceless and makes the effort that goes in to a blog post worth it.

You cannot do it all on your own

Yes Sophia was the vision behind Nasty Gal and she put in the hours and more to make it as successful as it became but what the shoes pays homage too, especially towards the end is the help she received from friends like Annie and Nathan. No one is superhuman and when building your empire, it can be very tempting to feel like you are on your own but the truth is, you can’t. if you try, you can end up burning your out.

I could go on. As someone who is always searching to creating something that is bigger than herself I have learnt a lot from Sophia’s Story. If you are in your early twenties or like me stuck in a rut, I would highly recommend them. You can find the book #Girlboss on Amazon and watch the show Girlboss on Netflix.



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