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19th July 2019 by naffy

The Good Witch The moment I finished watching the last episode of The Good Witch on Netflix my heart ached. I instantly craved more. I was literally in Grey house with Cassie Nightingale who lives in a small town called Middleton (think Stars Hollow but a little smaller and kookier) and her friends and family.

Aside from being the perfect anecdote to a long busy day, you can learn a lot from the show – something which can only be done through beautiful storytelling. Here are some of the things I was constantly reminded of while watching The Good Witch.

Being a good person

Cassie Nightingale is the closest thing to a saint you will see on screen. You see the pleasure she gets from being a great but firm person. She has a soft assertiveness and confidence in her I wish I had in my own life.


I often feel empathy is a misunderstood emotion. It is hard to explain how it works and the impact it can have on you as a person and those around you. Cassie is what I would say an empath. She understands what people feel and feels it just as deeply. She also knows how to make them find the answers they are looking for, on their own with a little nudge here and there.

The power of family and community

I come from a small community within a small town so trust me when I say I grew up knowing there would be a time I would leave. That doesn’t mean the place doesn’t hold a special place in my heart or that I don’t understand the value of living in a small town. In fact, I now find the notion of living in a town very appealing (Don’t worry London you still have my heart). The show also shows the value in family and history which I truly appreciated.

The Good Witch is literally the world I would choose to live in if I was given the chance. If you haven’t seen it yet, season five has just started on the Hallmark channel and each season has 12 episodes so it is really easy to binge-watch, which trust me, you will want to do.


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