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Three pre pay day beauty treats | Review

18th July 2017 by naffy

NYX Cosmetics review Sleek Matte Me Nafisah Atcha We have been there, pay day is around the corner and we are getting a little the buying itch. If you are someone who lives paycheck to paycheck, it can be hard to scratch that itch and while it is not healthy to give in to the itch – I have found giving in to that itch occasionally can help you mentally when you are struggling. It can be tough to find pre pay day treats won’t break the bank which is why I thought I would share three pre pay day beauty treats which won’t break the bank.

The NYX Cosmetics Full Throttle eyeshadow quads are stunning. Full of pigmentation and stunning shades you can really create some stunning eye looks with these four shades. This one, in particular, has a stunning gold in it which I adore. There is a full review here if you are interested in knowing more.

I spoke about Primark and their beauty range a couple of months ago and one of the stand outs was their mascara. For £2.50, the false lash mascara is a great day time mascara. It is not the most life changing mascara but if you are someone who loves lengthening mascara, this is one to try.

Lip products are my absolute vice. If something ever gives me a quick fix of happiness it is a lipstick and one of my favourite liquid lipsticks happens to be under £10 and are a perfectly good quality pick me up. The Sleek Matte Me Liquid Lipsticks are incredibly pigmented, not tight on the lips and last an incredibly long time.

Pre payday treats have helped me on tough days and they are not the solution to life problems by any means (more on that in another post) but they can help.

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