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14th December 2018 by naffy

Ice Skating London Here is a secret, I haven’t been Ice Skating properly since I was in university which I am not ever sure counts. One of the things I missed on during my first winter in London was ice staking. So I have made it my mission to go at least once this year and tracked three potential places to go Ice Skating in London

Somerset House 

I will not lie, this is probably the one I will be going too. It is within walking distance and the tickets are relatively cheap depending on the day/ time you book them. Somerset House is beautiful anyway and is just a nice atmosphere to be around. This is the perfect place to go if you fancy a quick lunchtime skate or after work activity.

National History Museum 

This was my first choice. Mainly because I have yet to make it to the NHM and thought it would be a good way to kill two birds with one stone but the tickets are just outside of my budget. The tickets are by the hour and I know when I go staking, chances are I will want be on the ice for longer than that especially for anything more than £10. The area is beautiful and is a great place to go the pictures and soak up London culture.

Winter Wonderland 

If you are someone who can deal with the long queues and big crowds Winter Wonderland is a winter essential in London. It is free entry with lots of stalls. It also has an ice rink which you need to pay tickets for. For me, this is a great thing to do if it is your birthday or you organising something with friends. (My birthday is just outside the dates for this otherwise, this would have been a possible birthday adventure)

Coming from a town where there were not many place I could go Ice Skating growing up I love being in a city where there are options for me to get my skate on. All three are open past Christmas so would make a great January treat to help you tackle the January Blues.

Images: Unsplash Me Marc Ruaik
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