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20th September 2019 by naffy

Newsletters to read Gone are the days when newsletters were just things that clogged up your inbox. If you curate your newsletters you can find it a good way to keep up to date with the latest articles and news. Here are some of my favourite newsletters to curl up with.

NYT Newsletters

I love a good New York Times newsletter. They have a range of newsletters from a variety of their columns. My favourites are The Daily, In Her Words, Race/Related, Sunday Best, Open Thread, Books and Watching. Each one is filled with rich journalism and interesting opinion pieces.


I first subscribed to the Sheerluxe newsletter without knowing what to expect and it ended up being one of my favourite pieces to read in my inbox. If you like reading opinion pieces, articles on beauty, culture fashion and other articles from the Sheerluxe website, signing up to their newsletter is a good way to keep up to date with their latest article. It was the newsletter that actually got me into delving more into Sheerluxue and their content, including their podcast.

Jimsy Jampots

Amy is a friend and a writer. Her newsletter, Jimsy Jam Pots is one of my favourites to read. Each one is insightful, intelligent and full of self-awareness. In the section, things I think,  She shares her deepest thoughts with her readers and shares what is going on in her world. I also really enjoy finding out the latest articles and twitter threads she shared as we consume similar content and articles so I always end up making time to read them all.

In an overwhelming world of content, newsletters are great to keep on top of your favourite articles and websites without feeling like you have to read everything there and then. If you find you sign up to a load of newsletters and not sure you have time to catch up on them all daily, a good tip I found which works for me is to empty your newsletters into a separate folder in your inbox and schedule a time each week where you dedicate time to catch up on all the latest news and think pieces.

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