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Three Docuseries to watch on Netflix this weekend

12th April 2019 by naffy

Our Planet It is no secret Netflix knows how to make a good documentary or docuseries. They have quite an extensive collection to choose from it can be a little bit overwhelming, which is why I thought I would share three documentaries to watch on Netflix this weekend.

Our Planet 

I mean who doesn’t love David Attenborough? He teamed up with Netflix to a docuseries showcasing how climate change and how we as humans are impacting the planet every animal inhibiting it. As you can expect, the filmography is stunning and incredibly insightful.



My friend told me about this series. It is essentially 20-minute episodes all about different topics. Each one features experts in that particular field. The topics are varied from Cryptocurrency to Genetic Editing. They only have one season so far and I really hope there are plans to make more.

Ask The Doctor 

I just came across this recently and have yet to watch this but I am intrigued. Experts Shalin Naik, Renee Lim and Sandro Demaio discuss health issues we are seeking the answers too such as senses, genes and sleep. The topics are generic I will say that but I think it is a good starting point in case you wanted to research anything further.

Docuseries are such a great way of staying informed of topics you find interesting and wanting to learn more about. I am a little bit of a nerd and love learning. Docuseries is a new way in which we can this which excites me. The ones I mentioned today, give you information in such a way you can then go online yourself and do your own research to come up with an unbias viewpoint on what you’ve just watched.

Have you seen any good docu-series lately? Let me know what I should be adding to my list.


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