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This is going to hurt by Adam Kay | Review

5th September 2018 by naffy

IMG_0922 This is going to hurt book review This is going to hurt book review If you know me, you will know I am a huge advocate for the NHS in the UK. I know for the fact if  it was not for that wonderful institution and its staff myself and my mother would not be alive today. So when I came across This is going to hurt by Adam Kay I knew I had to pick it up.

This is going to hurt, is a book of Adam’s diary entries as he recounts his journey as a junior doctor. Within those diary entires we see how the job affects his mental health, the relationships he has with those he loves and the reason behind his decision to quick medicine and become a comedian.

You also discover the implications of government cuts to the NHS and how it can affect the staff. The book is hilarious and very disheartening in equal measure. In one entry Adam will be sharing a funny anecdote about an interaction he had with a patient while the next entry may have you in tears after he shares a story you would imagine could only happen in an episode of Holby City.

I grew up spending a lot of time in the hospital and around medical staff Every time I read this book, I wanted to go back in time and reach out to every single NHS staff member who gave me the time of day, give them a hug and repeatedly tell them how much I valued them and their time.

Going in to reading the book I already had respect for anyone who worked within the NHS but after reading This is going to hurt that respect amplified to a level I didn’t know existed. It is wonderful written, with the right amount of humour, realism and British wit that a story likes this needs.

The day I finished reading this, I tweeted, “If you have read this book and do not feel empathy for anyone who works in the NHS, we cannot be friends.” and I stand by that. It takes a special human to not feel something when reading this raw and honest tale of being a a junior in an institution which goes above and beyond to look after us but also needs to be looks after.


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