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3rd September 2018 by naffy

New Look backpack Backpack IMG_8649 It is that time of year when I need to update my work wardrobe. I tend to wear the same clothes every weeks or at least every two weeks which means two things. One – the people I work with think I do not own any other forms of clothing (they would be correct for the most part) and two I am just really cheap and do not want to spend money on clothes. I decided it was finally time to pick up some new pieces and are across all of these work dresses under £50.

Smock Grid Dress | Shein

I have yet to place a Shein Order but recently the site caught my eye and I have to say they have some great items on there. One of which is this Smock grid dress which works nice in the winter time with a pair of boots. I really like the curve dip at the bottom as I find it more flattering compared to just a straight cut at the bottom of the dress.

Grid Print Swing Dress | Shein

This is the level of print I can handle. Anything more and it is a bit too much for my neutral heart to handle. The fact burgundy is my favourite colour really does help too.

Dress with Contrast Sleeves | Zara

There was something really simple but beautiful about this dress from Zara. It looks warm enough to wear during the transition from Autumn to winter and works with tights or leggings paired with a leather jacket and boots.

Red Checked Doble Breasted Pinafore | New Look

I have been on the hunt for a good pinafore which fits well and I can transition in to the winter. This will pair really nicely with a black jumper in the winter when it is a bit colder. Can you tell I am excited for winter fashion by any chance?

I love finding gems on the high street and I hope this makes you realise you can dress well for work without having to spend the earth.

Where do you get your work dresses from? let me know in the comments.

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