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14th January 2019 by naffy

Wellness Trends I am not someone who generally harps on about trends be it in fashion, beauty or books. I am off the philosophy of just doing you. When it comes to wellness practices, there are some things I have tried which totally do not work for me (spin class, for example, is not my jam but there are a few wellness practices which I will be bringing with into 2019. 

Eating Plant-based

I have spoken about this in a blog post last week but eating plant-based really makes me feel good within myself so I am going to stick to this even more in 2019. I am also going to do it more consciously, by that I mean, eating more varied meals, making a check-up appointment with my doctor every six months to do a blood test to make sure I am getting all the B12 vitamins my body need.

Do more outside

By that, I mean going for more walks and picnics when the weather is good. Last year, I really noticed how much going for a walk can make me feel. Be it on my lunch break or deciding to walk rather than get the tube somewhere.

Talking to someone

There have been moments in 2018 where I have felt anxious or just down. Past me would have just pushed it out of my head and tried to not recognise it. After doing some therapy I learned how wrong I was to do that. Now when I have those feelings, I will write them down or talk to someone about it just to get out of my brain. I often find this helps me and gives me perspective. It stops the feelings from escalating and keeps them at bay.

Small Daily Acts of Self Care

I have spoken about the small bits of self-care I do regularly and I found this works really well for me. These are just things like taking time to do my evening skincare routine or taking time to mindfully eat when I get back from work. I do not have time to the larger acts of self-care during the day – nor do I always too if I am being honest and but adding small acts of what I feel is self-care makes a difference to me and stops me from feeling overwhelmed.

An Evening Routine

The quality of sleep you have makes such a big difference and I noticed the impact on my sleep when I do let my mind switch off properly. So now every evening I spend at least 40 minutes watching a show with something to eat and drink and unwind. It is my bodies signal to go to sleep.

Are there any wellness practices you are bringing into the new year with you?

Photo by Georgia de Lotz on Unsplash
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