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22nd December 2017 by naffy

Grace Victory December has been a trying month for me in many ways (I am not quite ready to share this with the world just yet but when I am, you will be the first to know) and one of the brief moments of contentment I had was being able to catch up on vlogmas videos. I am incredibly behind and will probably be watching vlogmas 2017 way in to January. I know it can be overwhelming to know which content creators to watch during this time so I wanted to share the vlogmas series which have brought me happiness on a gloomy December day.

Mikhila Mcdaid

I have watched Khila for as long as I remember and I truly enjoy watching her daily vlog. It is the perfect mix of family, fun and a huge dose of reality. I cannot really put my finger on why I really enjoy watching her vlogmas series – I think it is because we have similar traits and I can see how despite it being a tough year for her – she has progressed on her own terms, doing things her own way and it is wonderful to see.

Niomi Smart

When I need a healthy dose of positivity I always turn to Niomi’s channel. There is something soothing and calming about her daily blogs which I love and her vlogmas series is no series. She is a smart, intelligent beautiful human being inside and out and her vlogs are a true example of this.

Venetia Falconer

I’ve spoken about Venetia and her wonderful channel before but I had to include it again. Whenever I see an upload I need to watch it there and then. Each of her vlogmas videos cover two days which means her videos are longer than her regular uploads which I love. I always find new places to explore in London through watching her vlogs, including the delicious looking Vurger Co which I need to give a go.

Suzie Bonadi

When I go through my vlogmas playlist the one creator I feel the need to watch instantly has to be Suzie. She’s real, her vlogs are not over produced and there is something heartwarming and special about them. Adding to the fact, it is full of festive christmas vibes from the beautiful town of Brighton which is one of my favourite places in the UK.

Alix Coburn

You know those content creators who talk to you and you feel like you resonate with them and they are your friend? That is how I feel when I watch an episode of Alix Vlogmas. She’s real, honest and loves Gilmore Girls just as much as me!

If you have yet to check these wonderful ladies out, please do, each one of these will add a little bit of sparkle to what I hope is a magical month for you all.

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