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24th December 2018 by naffy

podcast to listen too Nafisah Atcha You all know I love podcasts and a genre of podcasts I have taken to listening too recently has been Entertainment. In particular television and film which is why I thought I would share a few of my favourite TV podcasts which you may like if you are a fellow television and film nut.

The Empire Podcast

One of my favourite magazines is The Empire Magazine. I find it refreshingly genuine, well written and every time I read it and I feel the same when I listen to the podcast. There is something very comforting about listening to Helen O Hara, James Dyer and Chris Hewitt to name a few discuss their take on the latest films to hit the cinema. It is the same conversations I look forward to having with my dad in the car on the way from the cinema. Aside from this you also have behind the scene news from film sets and interviews with directors and actors who were part of the film they are discussing.

Pilot TV

Some of the best writing is not not on the big screen. From Aaron Sorkin’s writing for The West Wing or Shonda Rhymes creating some of the most incredible multifaceted female characters I have seen to Netflix original shows like The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina and the production quality behind it, TV is a beautiful medium to share stories. Pilot TV is the brain child of Terri White, the editor of Empire Magazine and is essentially your one stop shop for anything good on TV. To go alongside the magazine, they launched a partnering podcast. Again the conversational style is like a comforting hug which makes for a nice listen. It is honestly of my weekly highlights.

The West Wing Weekly

Through the aforementioned podcast, I heard Boyd O Dowd discuss his love for The West Wing and in turn this podcast all about the show. It is hosted by Josh Malina (Who was in the show and is currently on Scandal) and Himesh who is a musician and die hard fan of the show. Starting from the opening scene each week they go through an episode of the show and their take on it. They are currently on Series 6 which means they are almost finished. They also invite certain cast members to discuss certain episodes they were a part off and their experience on such an iconic show.

Inside of you with Michael Rosenbaum

Actor Michael Rosenbham (Lex Luther in Smallville) sits down with fellow entertainers from the industry to discuss the realities of working in Hollywood. The conversations are really open and everything is up for discussion from drug abuse to what it feels like making a hit and the pressures which can come from that. Guest include Dax Sheppard, Anna Faris and Tom Welling to name a few. I like hearing peoples story about how they got to where they are today and this feels like you may be intruding in a very personal conversation but in the best possible way.

If you are in love with television on and off the screen, you will look sinking your teeth into the above. All the shows are over an hour which make them perfect to have on in the background while you are in the festive bubble.



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