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11th October 2017 by naffy

World Mental Health Day Overcoming Loneliness Growing up I was always a go-getter and pretty independent and was pretty geared up to live on my own. Not that I don’t love my parents or had a bad home life but I knew I would be ok living on my own. So imagine my surprise when I enter the world on my own I experienced a feeling I have felt before and that is the feeling of Loneliness.

The first time I experience was when I was at university. I had just spent a weekend at home and my dad had just dropped me back to my flat and helped me unload my stuff. As soon as he was gone, I was left on my own with my bags of things to unpack. I remember this eerie lingering feeling which I found unsettling.

Luckily, those feelings were fleeting and did not become overpowering. I know this is not the case for everyone and it can really transform into something sinister which is why I wanted to share with you some ways you can tackle the feeling of loneliness.

Interact with housemates 

This is one mainly for those of you who live in shared accommodations at uni or rented rooms. I am lucky, I get on with the people I live with (including my landlady) so if I was feeling lonely I know I can knock on someone doors and have a good old natter. I am an extroverted introvert so I find I love conversations but they can be tiring which means I can often feel like wanting to be on my own after a couple of hours of talking.

Background Noise

I find more and more often I need some form of background music when I am in my room. Even in the shower I have to have a podcast playing. Right now as I am typing this I have a youtube video playing. (This one right here if you’re interested) There is something comforting about it – it probably stems from my university days when I would more or less have a box set playing on repeat.

I find I tend to do this knowingly after stint at home when I come back to an empty room. The noise fills the void of chatter you get use too.

Make Plans with friends 

When you move in on your own and find yourself feeling lonely, making plans with friends, gives you something to look forward too. We are social beings and meeting up with even one friend can make a big difference to your mental wellbeing.

Technology is your friend 

With social media, facetime, and whats app video, you have many ways to interact with loved ones and friends. I think part of the reason my loneliness can diminish is that I spend a lot of time on social media. Even if I am not posting anything that mini interaction can help you feel like you are surrounded by people.

Loneliness can be an awful thing to experience and can lead to you feeling depressed and isolated so while it can seem trivial to those who have not experienced it, it can have long-lasting damaging effects. I can tell you from the conversations I have had with friends and from my own experience, it is a lot more common than we realised and not talked about enough.

Photography: Kaye Ford
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