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The Sunday Update | Five Things #41

18th September 2016 by naffy

 Blogosphere Magazine The past seven days has included everything from sending my sister to university to working long hours. With everything sightly heightened this week including the weather I have had some pretty stand out special moments in this week I wanted to share with you. Here is this weeks Five Things #41.

Custard Media Award 

This week i had some exciting news. My little space on the internet was name the 8th beauty blog in Manchester by the lovely people at Custard Media. This came as a complete surprise and definitely made my day. Not only that some of my absolute Manchester faves made the list. They have the full list here along with a competition if you are interested.

Cosmopolitan Blog Awards

Speaking of awards, Cosmopolitan Magazine have open their annual blog awards and I wanted to take this opportunity to ask you to take a moment to nominate me and some of your other blogger favourites. The nominations close in October and it only takes a couple of minutes and it is free too!

Little Sister is not too little anymore. 

Yesterday my sister officially packed up all her stuff and headed to university. I cannot believe she is grown up and starting this new exciting chapter in her life.

Jane The Virgin 

I mentioned the show Jane The Virgin was a show I had on my list of TV shows to watch and this week I finally got around to watching the Series. It is about a woman called Jane who is a Virgin and through a series of mistakes ends up being pregnant while still remaining a virgin. Comedy, laughter and all around weirdness ensues. If you are looking for something gripping and light to watch after a long day, this is the one to go.

Blogosphere Magazine 

The new Issue of Blogosphere Magazine was released this week and as I finally subscribed and recieved this beautiful magazine with my girl Victoria on the cover. I have a deep love for the magazine and what it stands for so it was a very special surprise to see my tweet printed as part of one of their articles. It is only s tweet but it honestly made my week.

What Five Things stood out for you this week? Leave me a comment and let me know.

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