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The Sunday Post | The Update

28th August 2016 by naffy

MAC Burgundy So another week has come and gone and with that a lot has happened which I wanted to fill you in on. Here is the update on the past seven days.


I have been close friends with my friend Sam since we were in school. We went to separate schools but always managed to stay involved in each other lives and be there for each other. Recently, we haven’t been able to see each for large chunk of time so I made it a priority to visit her this weekend.

It was really nice being able to catch up with her and have a bit of a natter about all the things which have happened in our lives.

I am so proud of her and the things she is achieving at the moment.

MAC Burgundy

This one will be making an  appearance in my next favourites video but for now, be safe with the knowledge this lip liner has been a constant on my lips. From work to evenings to just around the house. There is something about this brown shade, I cannot take off.


A lot of changes are a foot and with that come the jitters. Jitters of a good kind mind you. That feeling has been carried around with me all week.


This week was the first time in a year I paid a visit to Nando’s. I took my sister out for a meal and we had the chicken butterfly. I had it with the mango and lime dressing with sweet potato fries and chargrilled veggies. Their cloudy lemonade is also absolutely delicious and needed on such a warm day.

Zara Basics Sweater 

You know when you get in to a bind and need a quick fix for the outfit you are wearing? that is what happened to me on Thursday. I wanted a blazer but could not find one to suit me. (I have broad shoulders and a boyish figure so it can be a bit of a struggle) so after  quick shopping spree I came across this sweater which turned out to be a happy medium.


How was your week? What is the update? I want to know send me a message on twitter or leave a comment about your week.

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