The Sunday Post | My Week

27th September 2015 by naffy
Currently Watching – House of Cards (Why did I wait so long to watch this) 
Currently Reading – Nothing at the moment. I am planning to start reading Fangirl soon. 
Blogs and Vlogs of the week
Supermarket Haul – LlyMlrs (Mainly because I am nosy but also because the vegan, plant based food lifestyle intrigues me) 
Film Noir Make up and Hair – Pixiwoo (This entire look is just completely Stunning) 
What I eat in a day – Niomi Smart (if I was not living at home, this would be how I would eat I love watching these videos from the stunning Niomi) 
This week was spent getting rid of the cold I got last week. I did a lot of work and took a lot of medicine. Aside from that I was keeping up with the blog and videos, it felt like there was a lot going on this week. 
I had the Thursday off work because it is Eid which was fun. I had a great time with my Friends and family. I wore this beautiful dress from Purdah and the make up details will be on the blog tomorrow if you are interested. I ended up being really happy with the look and will be wearing it more often for special occasions.
Youtube watching has taken a back seat this week. I seem to go in phrases when I can get time to binge watch my favourite content creators and other times, it just gets away from me. I think I am going to schedule some time in before the week starts again. 
My best friends baby shower is today which I am very excited about. I got to organise most of this so it made me smile. 
Next week should be great. I am feeling back to my normal self and I have a few interesting projects going on so make sure you’re checking out my other social media to let me know what you think. 
Hope you had a great week. Let me know what you have done.