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2nd November 2014 by naffy

Instagram Pictures: Nineties flannels, Grace Audiobooks, New Favourite base, Taylor Swift Album <3

Currently Reading: I finished reading The beginning of everything and caught up on some Allure Magazine
Currently Listening: Taylor Swift dropped her new album 1989 and it is fabulous!
Currently Watching: The Apprentice and Made In Chelsea

Vlogs of the Week

New York Vlogs – Lily Pebbles (Lily made me fall even more in love with New York
Graces Guide live launch – It’s Grace (just because it is fabulous)
Daniel Radcliffe raps blackalicious – The tonight show, starring Jimmy Kimmel (This is incredible)

Happy November! and yes I am going to join in with the ‘how fast has this year gone’ chatter because it really has. Being the planner I am, I am already thinking of things I want to achieve next year. There is quite a lot I want to do during my life. Anyway I digress, here is how my week panned out.

I spent the beginning of the week doing a fair bit of blog planning for the week and I managed to get through a large chunk of it which was good. It is quite hard with the lighting and other things like that at the moment so I am trying to make sure I have everything planned in advance as much as possible.

During the week I also got to spend some time with one of the girls at work. I am a complete workaholic so spending time outside of work with her was nice as I don’t get to speak to her as much as I would like when we are working.

Other than that I have been very excited for everything winter. Christmas movies are coming on TV, Home Decor is becoming more and more winter based which has me seeing love heart shaped emjois everywhere. I am so up for warm nights in with a cup of tea some soup and a good book. Gosh, I sound like a granny, but I can’t lie.

I also made the most impulsive purchase of my life. I pre-ordered the NARS Virtual Domination Palette from Space NK palette and I am excited for it. I missed out on the holiday collection last year so I made sure I saved up for it this time around. Let me know if you would like to see it in details over on my blog and YouTube channel?

My love for Taylor Swift and Audiobooks have been given a boost this week too. I mean I always been inspired by the Swift. There is no denying she is the epitome of a wonderful, business woman but her new Album was released this week and it is all I have been listening too. Apart from the obvious choices, my favourite songs are I know places and Welcome to New York. I am loving this new vibe she is giving out through her music.

You should all know who Grace Helbig is (if you don’t check her out here) and she released her book this week too (Another reason I love winter – New exciting releases)  I really wanted to read it so decided to get the Audiobook version. I have so many books and magazines stacked up to read and figured this was a good way to be able to read the book while I was out and about. It was Narrated by Grace (Which is the only way I would listen to an audiobook) and it literally brightens up my day whenever I play it.

Next week, I have a few things going on which I am looking forward too so keep an eye on my Twitter and Instagram to see what I am up too and let me know what you have planned this week.

Lots of love

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  • 2nd November 2014 / Reply

    My plans for this week include: going to NYC next Saturday!!


  • 2nd November 2014 / Reply

    The Daniel Radcliffe rap was brilliant x

  • 3rd November 2014 / Reply

    Argh you just reminded me I still haven't watched last weeks apprentice – must catch up ASAP!
    I love Daniel Radcliffe, thought the rap was brilliant and he just seems like an all round awesome guy : )

  • 3rd November 2014 / Reply

    This is a great post, you really have been busy! have to agree, with the lighting I too have struggled with photos, I know the posts I want to write but some of the photos just haven't been good enough for me x

    JustJulie | Beauty Blog

  • 3rd November 2014 / Reply

    Sounds like a pretty good week! I really need to get caught up on some blog planning, the light has thrown me right off recently :(

    Jess xo