The Sunday Post | My Week #23

22nd June 2014 by naffy

Instagram Pictures: Quote from Lauren Elizabeth (Preaacchhhh), Kimono Loving, Graduation make up look, My name is all official on a website, love me some fresh dates, Zoe from Zoella has a book coming which I think is pretty amazing. (My instagram is @Naffy91 If any of you fancy a follow)

Currently Watching – Orange is the new black
Currently reading – Aliegent (love this trilogy and do not want it to end.
Currently listening too – The Empire movie podcast x men special – love it.

Five blogs/vlogs of the week Anna & Lily beauty chat video (just works that is all you need to know) | The meditation app for people who don’t meditate – Into the Gloss (this has me all over it) | 

Hello, I’m Anna and I am a Stationary addict – Vivianna does make up ( all I have to say on this one is that I hear you girl) | How to get through bad days – Sarah Hawkinson ( Some wise words) | Stop Cravings. Eating disorders and binge eating – Rachh loves (just a very good video explaining how to look after yourself and listen to your body giving it the nourishment it needs) 
Happy Sunday lovelies, this weeks been a bit of a rollercoaster and I’ve felt a bit all over the place BUT saying that I feel like I have new exciting things coming up on the blog and my YouTube channel once things settle down a little bit. 
On a side note have any of you been watching the World Cup? Holy Guacomole talk about taking a turn for the books. All my favourite teams are now out of It before I could even get stuck in and give it a look! 
Hope everyone’s week has been good, let me know what you’ve been up to and I shall speak to you all soon. 
Lots of love

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